Trump Berates News Organizations

There is something very questionable about President-Elect Donald Trump.

Well, actually there are many very questionable things about Trump, but the one being addressed here is that he is unspeakably rude and profoundly ungrateful.

Without the $3 billion-plus of free, unpaid media exposure that he received during the primary and general campaigns from the organizations whose representatives he invited to Trump Tower for a brow-beating meeting on Monday, he never would have been elected to the office of President.

Because these organizations thought that he might do something newsworthy, they pointed cameras at him for hours each day, day after day, during the campaigns. Viewers were treated to entire Trump speeches interrupted only by a few commercials.

The over-saturation exposure that he received made Trump the most recognizable name on ballots during the primaries. Consequently, when people walked to their voting places, since many people didn’t know many of the candidates running for President, they saw his name on the ballots and thought to themselves, “Oh, Donald Trump — I’ve seen him on TV a lot. I only know who a couple of these other people are, but I know who he is, so I’ll vote for him.”

It was precisely because of this media exposure that he received the Republican nomination for President.

And because the same media organizations ranted about Hillary Clinton’s not using .gov email servers for her email as Secretary of State as if it were the worse thing to happen in the world since World War II, and none of these organizations ever seriously looked at the problems of Donald Trump and the problems that would be created if he became President, which are now beginning to show themselves, he was elected President.

(The other nail in the coffin for the Clinton campaign was the first Comey letter, which was apparently arranged by Rudy Giuliani and his friends, which blew Hillary’s 5-6% lead in many states out of the water. People don’t pay close attention to what they’re hearing, and when they heard the words “email” and “Hillary Clinton” in the same sentence after the first Comey letter surfaced, they assumed something must be bad, assumed that Clinton must have done something illegal — despite the fact that all of the emails had been previously examined by the FBI. There was nothing new to see. But by then, after that information was revealed on that Sunday afternoon before the election, the damage of Comey’s first letter had been done.)

So, for Trump to call these executives and news anchors into his office and berate them this past Monday was completely out of line, highly questionable and atrocious behavior.

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  1. Joshua Eckhardt
    November 27, 2016 at 12:56 pm

    If you truly believe that the “free” Media coverage is the single largest reason that Trump was elected, you are sadly out of touch with reality. The Media does not “provide” a famous person with publicity as though they are a restaraunt handing out free samples. That is pure nonsense. They are a business. They sell excitement and titillation. He used them, yes, but only because they have become a self destructive pararsite on the American citizenry.
    The fact that you can mistake one of the most important actions by an American President ever, that of curbing the deceitful and dangerously corrupt Media, as a questionable tells me you have no clue what is happening in this country politically.

    • Broken Laughter
      December 7, 2016 at 1:51 pm

      Thank you for your comment.

      Maybe you do not know the difference between free and paid media exposure. Paid broadcast exposure comes in the form of commercials. Free media exposure is the coverage that news organizations provide as the news substance of their programming; it’s what happens through the audio and video between the commercial breaks.

      The news media gave Donald Trump dramatically more free exposure than any other candidate — see this report: or this one:, or this one: and be sure to follow the links in the articles to the supporting evidence.

      Without receiving dramatically more exposure than any other candidates he would not have been known as well to the American people as he became. Other, far more serious, candidates received much less exposure, and therefore their names were not recognized by voters, and consequently he received more votes than opponents during the primaries.

      In addition to simple name recognition, Trump’smessages received more exposure than the messages of other candidates. Donald Trump told more lies, and repeated them more times, than any other candidate, and unfortunately the major news media organizations did a dreadfully bad job of pointing out when he was lying. They usually just pointed the camera at him and then when he was done the news anchors said, essentially, “That was Donald Trump, speaking today at such and such a place.”

      Because he received so much free exposure, his lies were repeated again and again. Many members of the grossly misinformed public voted for him because they believed the lies he spewed over and over.

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