Trump’s New Deportation Rules — February 21, 2017

Just a couple of things that spring immediately to mind after reading about Trump’s new deportation rules for people in the United States illegally:

1) What will become of the millions of children who have been born in the US to the immigrants here illegally?

Since the children — having been born here in the United States — are citizens by birth, if their parents don’t take them with them when they are deported (believing that the children will have better chances at better lives by staying in the United States), they’re going to become orphans when their parents are shipped out of the country, thanks to Trump and company.

Those children will become wards of the states and become a huge economic and social burden on us taxpayers.

And, what will happen when illegal immigrants married to US citizens or green card holders are deported? And what will happen to the children of those families?

2) Who will perform low-wage jobs that no citizen will do? Who will work in restaurants, who will pick crops from the fields, who will perform lots of other low-wage work that no American citizen would stoop to do?

And what impact will that have on the availability and prices of many goods and services?

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