This Was The Week That Was — In Trumpland

Well, this has certainly been quite the week!

Where to begin?

We saw the resignation of Sean Spicer, Trump’s Press Secretary and Communications Director, after it was announced that Anthony “not trying to suck my own cock” Scaramucci would be the White House Communications Director. Sarah Huckabee Sanders was promoted to the role of Press Secretary.

Scaramucci, who is very much like Trump — a bombastic guy who never stops talking — is a former hedge fund manager. So, in Trumpspeak, he’s a rich guy. I read that he receives no salary. I’m puzzled by Trump’s hiring members of his family (son-in-law Jared and daughter Ivanka) and people like Scaramucci for White House positions but not paying them. This makes them volunteers.

So, is America getting what it pays for regarding White House staff? Definitely.

Then, on Friday, we learned that Chief of Staff Reince Preibus has left his post. Was he pushed or did he jump? It’s not clear.

The new Chief of Staff will be retired General John Kelly, who had been the head of the Office of Homeland Security. There will be a need to backfill Kelly’s Homeland Security spot. That will surely be exciting.







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