McConnell Does Not Want To Collaborate With Dems

According to reporting by Politico, “Mitch McConnell is delivering an urgent warning to staffers, Republican senators and even the president himself: If Obamacare repeal fails this week, the GOP will lose all leverage and be forced to work with Chuck Schumer.

“President Donald Trump continued to float the possibility on Monday that Congress and the White House would simply let Obamacare’s individual markets collapse if the GOP’s repeal effort goes down later this week. But McConnell called up Trump recently, according to people with knowledge of the call, to deliver a reality check.”

  • Please remember that Trump did not invite any Democrats to the meeting he called at the White House June 27.
  • The 13 Republicans who drafted the new Senate bill did not share their work with any Democratic Senators until McConnell released it publicly late last week.
  • McConnell and other Republican Senators have explicitly shut out Democrats from their highly secretive, behind-closed-doors bill development process.
  • The claim by McConnell and other Republicans that Democratic legislators did and do not want to collaborate with Republicans is a flat-out lie.

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