Trump At The CIA on Jan. 21, 2017

Minutes ago, Donald Trump told a series of ridiculous lies and made numerous errors of fact when speaking to members of the CIA at something that would best be described as a very badly executed campaign event.

He spent far too much time talking about himself and congratulating himself at this campaign event.

What was supposed to be Trump’s apology and an appeal to better relations with the CIA going forward turned instead into a very boastful display of hubris.

It was more than unseemly or tacky; it was revolting.

Look, he won the election and we all know that, so he needs to stop campaigning.

He needs to stop trying to sell because he’s already closed the sale. Once the prospect decides that they bought what you’re selling, you have to stop selling and start servicing.

Apparently he doesn’t understand that.

We have four years of campaign speeches and campaign events to look forward to instead of someone doing the job of President of the United States.

“His way” is dreadfully inept, inappropriate and appalling.

God help the United States.

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