Texas GOP and Its Anti-Homosexuality Party Platform Plank

The following Texas Republican Party platform language was adopted at the Texas GOP convention the week of June 2, 2014. It reads like something straight out of the late 1950s or very early 1960s:

“Homosexuality must not be presented as an acceptable alternative lifestyle, in public policy, nor should family be redefined to include homosexual couples. We believe there should be no granting of special legal entitlements or creation of special status for homosexual behavior, regardless of state of origin. Additionally, we oppose any criminal or civil penalties against those who oppose homosexuality out of faith, conviction, or belief in traditional values. We recognize the legitimacy and value of counseling which offers reparative therapy and treatment to patients who are seeking escape from the homosexual lifestyle. No laws or executive orders shall be imposed to limit or restrict access to this type of therapy.”

No word on whether or not the Texas GOP platform has a plank ordering that all black people must line up and make themselves available for sale to white folk, but it is likely.

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